How does working with an agent's referral differ than any other kind of referral?

It’s the same process yet the one thing that makes it very different is that the referee (person that was referred) has basically two agents looking out for them, meaning this. There’s an inherent extra layer of expectation and level of service as you have one trusted advisor recommending and putting their name & trust into another.  It’s an honor to be entrusted with your associates referral, hands down. 

How are you connected to other professionals in the real estate industry?

For 30 years now, the relationships among fellow agents has been front and center both locally, nationally and now internationally through being a part of global brokerages, serving on leadership teams as well as being involved in the top coaching programs consistently. Mentoring, teaching, and giving back has always been a part of my career.

Tell us about you, Scott Graff?

I’m a massive goal-setter. In 7th grade we had to choose a career to study and find a mentor in that field. I studied my uncle who was (& still is) a true real estate pro. While in college, I attained my license and began my career working under him. Here it is, 2022 and I’ve had the privilege to represent over 3,000 buyers and sellers in my career. I have a female boxer named Coco and I reside in a “village” of Phoenix called Ahwatukee with my wife Sarah. I traverse Phoenix every single day. And a fun fact about me is iced lattes are a typical part of my day. 

What makes TEAM GRAFF so special?

We each have a true passion for our city, each and every team member at TEAM GRAFF, and we all share in the perspective that we enable our clients, truly, to move. forward. powerfully. with their real estate situations.

What is your favorite part about living in Phoenix? 

I’m a student of others. As mentioned, I’ve lived here my entire life so since college (ASU) I met so many people from all over the world and after listening to them respond to what they like about Phoenix, it brought so much perspective to some of the things that seemed normal to me. The weather, the opportunities (jobs, home ownership), outdoor activities, the ability to keep a clean car given our weather and well maintained streets. 


This is our video series that showcases Phoenix! It’s what we call our “monthly anchor show” where we profile the unique and special businesses (through video) here in Phoenix; also known as a Business Spotlight Series. For 2022, we are going to expand this to include a community spotlight series as well as address the hot topics of our popular city.

How does someone get in touch with you?

I’m a big texter for sure and old-school (meaning you can pick up the phone and call). Our social sites are below as well. I’m pretty accessible. 

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