The Rock Gives Tour of His ‘Iron Paradise’ Home Gym

By: The Fitness Volt 

Given The Rock‘s ripped physique, it’s no surprise that his home gym is absolutely massive. The movie star recently gave fans a tour of his ‘Iron Paradise’ gym located in Miami Florida, and it did not disappoint. 

Dwayne Johnson gave fans a bird’s eye view of his expansive fitness setup. The top-grossing actor shared his ‘Iron Paradise’ gym on his Project Rock Instagram page. The massive setup is a home gym, though The Rock’s fitness center is far bigger than most home gyms we are accustomed to seeing. Methodically designed with an emphasis on muscle building, The Rock’s fitness playground is well thought-out.

The Rock and the world of fitness go hand and hand. The larger-than-life celebrity is known for his inspirational social media presence. As a former wrestling superstar, Johnson enjoys hitting high-intensity workouts at his home gym. The movie star values his time exercising and equates it to a cathartic experience.


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