The best and worst months to buy a home in Phoenix

By: AZ Big Media 

The housing market of the last two years has been unusual in many ways. With constrained supply, intense demand, and record price growth, the market has consistently defied experts’ expectations and typical trends. And one way these aberrations have shown up is in seasonality. So, what are the best and worst months to buy a home in Phoenix? A new report by Construction Coverage offers some insight.

Typically, the most active portion of the year is spring and summer. For most years in the last decade, monthly home sales peaked in the months of June, July, or August and receded over the course of the rest of the year. With more buyers looking for homes in peak months, competition also helps drive prices higher, and homes typically sell for more when the market is at its most active. But since 2020, seasonality in the market has been disrupted.


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