Real estate issues and monsoon season: What to know before storms arrive

By: AZ Big Media 

Long-time Arizona residents know and understand the unpredictability of monsoon season.  Monsoon season arrives every summer here in Arizona lasting from June through the end of September—with some seasons bringing extremely intense rainstorms.  While the past few years have brought modest amounts of rain, most Arizonans remember the extraordinary storms that occurred in 2014—with multiple 100-year storm events recorded by the Maricopa County Flood Control District.  A 100-year storm is a storm event that has an intensity that is likely to recur once every hundred years.  The 2014 monsoon season wreaked havoc throughout Phoenix, ravaging residential communities and causing extensive flooding damage. Many people may not realize the number of real estate issues that can accompany monsoon season.

Monsoon season can lead to liability for Arizona residents who knowingly or unknowingly develop their property in a manner that changes the nearby drainage conditions.  State law, and most local laws, render changing nearby drainage conditions unlawful.  Under state law, a mechanism exists to seek injunctive relief and force the offending homeowner to restore the historical drainage conditions.


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