Here’s how to weather a recession with smart real estate investments

By: AZ Big Media

With inflation at a 40-year high, interest rates on the rise, and continued supply chain issues, the economy is struggling to gain resiliency in a post-pandemic world. With all of this pressure on the economy, fears that a recession is impending are becoming the talk of economists, talking heads and around the water cooler.

Here locally, it is nearly impossible to separate the recession discussion from that of real estate. If a recession becomes a reality, what does history tell us about what to expect when it comes to home values?

The good news is that not all recessions are the same and the housing market doesn’t always plummet. Instead, an economic downturn can provide lucrative opportunities in real estate investments. Below, we’ll explore what causes a recession, how it affects the housing market and how you can invest in real estate in a way that works for you regardless of broad economic conditions.


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