Getting a housing choice voucher in the Phoenix area can take years. Finding a place to live can be tougher

By: AZ Central 

Growing demand, rising costs and not enough units plague rent-subsidy programs in metro Phoenix.

What if you don't have enough money to rent an apartment? It's a growing problem for many metro Phoenix tenants. But then you hear about a government program that can pay the difference between what you can afford and a rent payment.  

You wait for months — or years — to qualify. Then, with a housing choice voucher in hand, you begin hunting for a rental home. You've got a deadline to find a landlord, and you start making calls.

No, we don't accept them. No, our rent is too high for this to work. No. No. No.

This is the reality of many people with housing choice vouchers, formerly known as Section 8 vouchers, in metro Phoenix. Rising rents, a housing shortage, a changing rental scene with more out-of-state landlords and the unwillingness of some property managers to participate in the federally backed rent program have made finding a home much more difficult than it's ever been. 


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